Clarrie Hall BASS Electric- Results

28 anglers greeted Clarrie Hall Dam on a misty wet morning.

17 Anglers brought fish back to the scales with the top 5 separated by only 110g.

Taking home 1st place and the spotters prize pack was Chesley Lennon – 2/2 for 1.76kg. Lennon positioned himself on a school of fish and filled his bag with 1/4 oz atomic blades. He noticed a weather change and opted for an OSP eye waver to bag 3 upgrades tight to the weed edge. Lennon’s outfit consisted of a Samurai reaction 181 rod matched with a Daiwa Steez reel and 8 pound braid and leader

Second place went to Luke Clark – 2/2 for 1.72kg. Luke fished a 5 gram texas rig tight to the weed edges in the upper reaches of the dam. He used his Steez werewolf rod matched with a SSSV Daiwa Reel loaded with 8 pound braid and 6 pound leader.

Big Bass honors went to Prue Rodriguez, weighting in at 1kg. She caught this fish by slow rolling a Imakatsu piranha vibe off a shallow weed point.

Many thanks to everyone that turned up and fished the tournament.


1st- Chesley Lennon – 2/2 – 1.76kg
2nd- Luke Clark – 2/2 – 1.72kg
3rd- Tom Reynolds – 2/2 – 1.71kg
4th- Liam Fitzpatrick – 2/2 – 1.70kg
5th- Callum Tews – 2/2 – 1.65kg
6th- Stuart France – 2/2 – 1.59kg
7th- Joey Urquhart – 2/2 – 1.52kg
8th- Shaun Falkenhagen – 2/2 – 1.45kg
9th- Adrian Wilson – 2/2 – 1.35kg
10th- Steve McLean – 2/2 – 1.33kg
11th- Prue Rodriguez – 1/2 – 1.00kg
12th- Brett Kleinschmidt – 2/2 – 1.00kg
13th- Nathan Swanson – 1/2 – .730kg
14th- Ben Biggs – 1/2 – .670kg
15th- Jack Gold – 1/2 – .660kg
16th- Murray Orr – 1/2 – .530kg
17th- Cristian Manolea – 1/2 – .530kg
Nigel Skyring
Rod Shorten
Paul McHugh
Peter Bostock
Les Smith
Rebecca Smith
Jonathan Bale
Denis Shaw
Adrian Manolea
Matt Johnson
Glenn Swanson

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