ABT Angler Profile- Peter Phelps

IMG_0615One of the quietly spoken nice guys on the Toray BASS Pro tour Peter Phelps is a competitor to watch in any event he fishes.

With multiple events wins and top tens to his name Peter is an angler of immense talent and broad technical ability.

With back-to-back wins on Lake Glenbawn to his name, and the next stop of the 2015 BASS Pro tour, and Grand Final scheduled to hit Lake Glenbawn and the Hunter Valley Phelps is primed to hit a purple patch at the business end of the 2015 season.


1. Name, age, and location

Peter Phelps. 30. Hunter Valley NSW.

2. How long have you been fishing ABT events

About 11 Years ago I did my first event as a Non- Boater and since then have fished on and off as a boater for the last 10 years.

3. Greatest achievement in tournament angling

Winning ABT Glenbawn Pro two years in a row then backing up with a 3rd place the following was pretty special. I have also been lucky enough to be involved in a team series with my brother. We won 3 in a row including the grand final and took out Champion team of the year and it all helped pay for a GT popping trip to New Caledonia

4. Preferred tournament species

Bass. Without a doubt. Doesn’t matter if its surface in a small creek or chasing the giants that hold up on the open flats of Queensland impoundments I love their diversity.

5. Favourite tournament location

Lake St Clair. Though being a small impoundment the fishing can get tough during a tournament, the shallow weed that almost covers the entire shore makes for a year round edge bite.

6. Your go-to technique– Plastic fishing. Whether it’s to an edge over structure, straight down to deep fish, or cast across flats. I am confident I always can catch some fish.

7. Your favourite lure

River 2 Sea Bubble Pop 65 in chartreuse. Ive got six of them but I still use my original one, there is barely any paint left on it.

8. Your most feared competitor

I really don’t fear any other competitors but myself. I will generally push myself so hard to learn new unproven techniques on bass I can waste a lot of time instead of just refining the good old producers. Which I know has caused me some poor results from bad prefishing.

9. What, if any, sponsors do you have

I am lucky enough to be associated with Bassman who I have to pay a huge credit for the quality jigheads, spinnerbaits, bladed jig (Mumblers) and terminal gear they produce.

13 Fishing Australia. I exclusively use all their rods and bait cast reels.

And Haswing Australia who produce an affordable quality built Electric Motors for all fishing needs.

10. How many days a month do you fish

Between 5 and 10 days. It all depends on Tournaments and time of years etc.

11. How much a year would you spending on tournament tackle

I haven’t really thought about it before as a whole year. It would have to be a between 2 and 3 thousand. Id love to spend more but most goes towards fuel these days.

12. Dream fishing location

I’ve done a fair bit of game fishing in the salt, and quite satisfied there. It would have to be frog fishing in the states. I wouldn’t care where it was even if they were only 2 pounders. I love the idea of catching them in the slop or over pads.

13. Most embarrassing moment in a tournament

Keying onto a surface bite at Glenbawn during a known deep plastic and ice jig bite, I was sitting in the top ten Sunday morning. The surface fish where big but were sparse and hard to tempt. I made the decision I wouldn’t need to refuel as I was set on fishing one stretch during the low light then deep plastics the rest. Losing a 45cm plus fish next to the boat I lost my head and chased the shade up the dam looking for that big bite again and you guessed it, I ran out of fuel. I manage one bass on way back with the electric on 100% for 3 hours blind casting ahead of me.

14. Favourite place to eat on the road

Anywhere but fast food nothing worse than eating it 3 times over a 12 hour trip. Something like a Café or Bakery is preferred.

15. How many tournament donuts have you had to eat

Session donuts I have had quite a few but ive been lucky to never donut a whole tournament. I feel I can adjust fairly quickly to the conditions. Generally the first session of the Queensland rounds use to bring me unstuck.

16. 1 outfit, 1 lure, 1 location

13 Fishing Envy Black 7’6” Medium Baitcaster with a Concept C 7.3:1 ratio reel. Bassman ½ oz TW Spinner bait any Natural Colour with double willow Blades in the Timber at Glenbawn on a spring bite.

 17. The tournament moment that broke your heart

Not any association with ABT but my first year boating I took out a state based tournament grand final with a first place trip to the states to fish a tournament. Long story short the sponsor and tournament organizer fell through. That gut wrenching feeling of telling all your friends and family you were not going hurt, still to this day I wished Id came second with a cash prize.

18. Superstitions and rituals

Only preparation and confidence. I like to feel that everything in my boat I have total control of. I use to have a lucky underwear and no bananas sort of mind, but you create doubt in your mind by letting these silly things get to you. I even fill my livewell first thing of a morning if I know I’m targeting fish really shallow so not to spook others after I catch one.

19. Hardest venue

I have a fairly good grasp on the venues now because of fishing them for so long. But I would have to say Boondooma after the floods was pretty intense. 2 bites for a whole weekend was a mental strain.

20. Dream fishing companion

Carl Jocumsen. He is just a fish catching freak, I was lucky enough to fish against him when he was in Australia and witnessed his skill first hand. I still remember sitting across from him fishing a deep bite. Word was out and everyone was using the same lure, even colour and I watched him catch one after another without anyone really getting a bite. To fish alongside him over in the states would be a dream.

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