ABT Angler Profile- Richard Somerton


  1. Name, age, and location

Richard Somerton, 43, Melbourne

  1. How long have you been fishing ABT events

About 7 years in both Kayak and Boat events as a non boater

  1. Greatest achievement in tournament angling

That would have to be winning the Hobie Kayak Worlds  in 2013

  1. Preferred tournament species

I love my Bream fishing both Blacks and Yellowfin but in the last 18 months or so I’m getting right into my Bass fishing as well

  1. Favourite tournament location

That’s a hard one as so many offer different types of fishing, but maybe the Derwent in Tassie. I have fished it a few times as a non boater in ABT events but it would be fantastic to one day have a kayak event there.

  1. Your go-to technique

I like my hard bodies. Especially twitching minnow type profiles and of course I’m a big fan of the Cranka Crab. Fishing them into nasty structure, that’s real pop them or stop them fun fishing.

  1. Your favourite lure– Cranka crab in glow
  2. Your most feared competitor– Well it used to be Greg Lewis he was a freak in a yak but at the same time he helped me out as well. But since Greg is in semi retirement from the scene for now? I would have to say Chris Burbidge. He is a great angler and we do have a friendly rivalry.
  3. What, if any, sponsors do you have

A few people have supported me over the last few years. Scott Lovig withe SLH/Lovig Kayak Fishing, Steve and Andrew at Cranka, Steve Duff at Duffrods, Steve Feilds at  Hobiefishing has supported myself and a number of other anglers through a number of major events and of course my better half Tanya ( my number one supporter!)

  1. How many days a month do you fish

Not as many as I would like but maybe 5-8 days.

  1. How much a year would you spending on tournament tackle

Not a great deal anymore mainly due to the above people that support me so it’s just the consumables.

  1. Dream fishing location

Alaska, I’ve fished there a few times but each time I went back it got better and was taken to some new amazing locations each time so who knows how many more remote little gems there are?

  1. Most embarrassing moment in a tournament

None really spring to mind but I bet if you asked the guys in the SLH team they would have one or two on me!

  1. Favourite place to eat on the road

I don’t really have a favourite it’s just a case as whatever is quick and fills the void.

  1. How many tournament donuts have you had to eat

Yeah there has been a few but I try a block them out

  1. 1 outfit, 1 lure, 1 location

Daiwa Exist 2500, Duffrods HYSTIX 840, Cranka Crab light in Glow colour and Marlo in Victoria

  1. The tournament moment that broke your heart

Last years Worlds in the Netherlands. I’d had a ok pre fish and a great first day and was leading but then couldn’t land a legal for the following two days and this followed the China event after leading first day then losing by a single legal on day two. So as the people that know me will tell you I was at a low and ready to give it all away. But that’s fishing!

  1. Superstitions and rituals

Non really, there was the whole banana thing at the start, but when you do all the kilometres I do in a Yak they turned out to be great energy bars.

  1. Hardest venue

Forster I would say it’s either really hot and I’m on it there or donutville for me.

  1. Dream fishing companion

I’m a very keen flyfisher  so spending some time chasing fish with Lefty Kreh would be amazing and might even sort out some nasty casting faults I have.

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