Krypto range is complete!

In addition to the Ultra-thin 4 strand Krypto Microbraid, the Krypto range has been expanded to include an 8 strand PE braid in heavier line classes.

Made in Europe, Krypto 8 boasts the same extra-ordinary thin diameters but with a round profile, ensuring a smooth, soft and pliable texture even in the heaviest breaking strains. Incredibly sensitive line with the quality you expect from KRYPTO braids.

Also available Krypto FC – Pure Fluorocarbon from Japan. Superior abrasion resistance, knot strength, low stretch and ultra-fine diameters for rapid hook sets!

Krypto Shock Leader – Premium Japanese dual core shock leader for shock absorption, abrasion resistance and knot strength.
Krypto delivers performance, usability and confidence!

See for the full range.

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