ABT Angler Profile- Shaun Falkenhagen

(1).Quietly spoken and an angler of immense talent Shaun Falkenhagen has achieved much on the ABT BASS tournaments trail.

BASS Electric and BASS Pro victories and cashing in heavily at multiple BASS Megabucks events Shaun is an angler who has achieved much.

Let’s see how this quiet bass assassin responds to our Q & A list of questions.

  1. Name, age, and location– Shaun Falkenhagen, 30, Redland Bay QLD
  2. How long have you been fishing ABT events– Since 2008
  3. Greatest achievement in tournament angling– There are three that stand out, Winning the Bass Electric G/F in 2010 at Cania Dam, Winning the Non-Boater G/F in 2014 at Wivenhoe and being named Angler of the Year (AOY) for Bass Electrics in 2014. If I had to pick one, Winning at Cania in 2010 would be first given I had never been to the dam before.
  4. Preferred tournament species– Bass
  5. Favourite tournament location– Somerset
  6. Your go-to technique– Jerkbaits
  7. Your favourite lure– Imakatsu Riprizer
  8. Your most feared competitor– I don’t let other competitors enter into my thinking, I try and focus on my own game plan and don’t worry about things outside my control.
  9. What, if any, sponsors do you have– BarraBass Rods, FishTec Soloutions, Stomr Rain Gear, NexGen Lures.
  10. How many days a month do you fish– 4 to 5 days
  11. How much a year would you spending on tournament tackle– $2,500
  12. Dream fishing location– Papua New Guinea chasing Black Bass
  13. Most embarrassing moment in a tournament– Trying to cast a fly rod in a tournament and the flyline only laying out several metres.
  14. Favourite place to eat on the road– KFC
  15. How many tournament donuts have you had to eat– Too many
  16. 1 outfit, 1 lure, 1 location– BarraBass XSB822 Daiwa Certate loaded with Toray PowerGame 12lb & Toray LEX 8Lb, Imakatsu Riprizer, Maroon Dam
  17. The tournament moment that broke your heart– None….yet.
  18. Superstitions and rituals– Tying new leaders before each tournament
  19. Hardest venue– Wivenhoe
  20. Dream fishing companion– Kevin VanDam

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