OSP Overide has arrived

unnamed-5Japanese Lure Company O.S.P. has quickly cemented a name amongst Australian lure fisherman as one of quality and innovation. Their newest creation is a metal vibration lure called the OSP Override. This lure was initially designed to target fish in a lethargic low temperature, frame of mind- but after some rigorous testing on Australian natives it has now become a go to lure for a variety of fishing scenarios.

The Override has a body shape and a precise vibration that perfectly mimics a baitfish. It can be fished in a multitude of techniques from a hopping approach right through to a steady crank through the water column. The O.S.P. Override can be wound at exceptionally slow speeds while still putting out its unique fish attracting vibration – tempting even the most shut down Aussie Native.

The Override comes in a 3/8 ounce weight and has a RRP of around $19.00

For more information on this great little lure and more from the OSP stable, contact the Fish-Tec Solutions sales team on sales@fish-tecsolutions.com or look on their website at www.fish-tecsolutions.com


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