BASS Pro Final Fever (by Tom Slater)

20151019_144411In the blink of an eye, we’ve come to the end of the 2015 ABT Toray BASS Pro Series. The tour was held in arguably the most popular tournament bass venues including Somerset Dam, and Lake Bjelke-Petersen as hosts for the Queensland events, and Lake Glenbawn and Lake St Clair accommodating the New South Wales contingent.

Now the stage is set for the biggest event of the year, the Toray BASS Pro Grand Final. This year, the grand final is being held at Lake Glenbawn. Traditionally fished in the earlier stages of the season, we’ve all become accustomed to the deep vertical bite that is so good in summer, or the finesse plastic bite that is a success when water temperature drops.

Now we get to visit at the start of spring. Personally, I’ve never fished the lake anywhere near this time of year. The water is warming and the fish should be fired up. This could be one of those exciting tournaments where you can catch them any way you like.

Last weekend was spent busily preparing and now I’m ready and eager to get on the water and see what the bass in Glenbawn are up to – I’m really hoping for a reaction bite. The dams around Southeast Queensland are firing on all cylinders right now, days of 30-40 bass are not uncommon on a variety of different techniques. Hopefully Glenbawn is much the same.

If we can catch them using a variety of techniques, space in the dam will free up and give everyone a little more room to do their own thing. With a few anglers out deep, a few shallow, and a few in-between anglers will be able to move around and cover new water which will be the key to winning this event.IMG_20151018_081428

I’ve got a bunch of reels spooled up, and 3 of those are spooled with straight through fluorocarbon in various breaking strains. Anyone who has fished Glenbawn knows how much timber is in the water around the edges of the lake.

If you plan to fish fast with treble hooked baits, you’re going to snag a lot of trees. Fishing fluorocarbon helps you avoid burying the hooks too deep into the timber, allowing you to flick the lure free most of the time. The other obvious benefit is no need for leaders. This can save valuable time in the commonly short bass fishing.

The prize for this tournament is probably the most sought after of all ABT tournaments. A trip to the United States to fish with Carl Jocumsen – Australia’s only Bassmaster Elite Series pro.

An all expenses paid trip to fish a Bassmaster Open tournament as a non-boater with multiple days of pre-practice with someone like Carl will leave the winner with memories to last a lifetime. Certainly a prize I would dearly love to win and I’ll be fishing to the death to get that one bite that might make the difference.


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