#4 – The Bay Is Open

10 Reasons to be excited for the 2016 Costa BREAM Series

The Costa BREAM Series is back to eight rounds in 2016. ABT are stoked about the upcoming series and you should be too! Check back over the next two weeks for daily updates.


The bay is open!

This year’s Gold Coast event will have plenty of available water for anglers to choose from as the northern boundary has been extended to the northern tip of Mud Island in Moreton Bay, across to the port of Brisbane and Moreton Island. Anglers will be able to choose between the accurate casting required to fish the man-made structure of the Nerang River’s vast canal system, or burn the fuel running to the bay and the open reef flats of the bay’s many islands. Add in the waters around Jumpinpin, and the Seaway in-between and you have all the makings for one of the most exciting tournaments of the year.


ABT hasn’t opened the bay for many years, originally limiting the arena due to the flotilla of smaller tournament crafts. Simon explains the extension of tournament area limits, “These days the average bream boat is a lot bigger, and a lot faster, so we see no reason to limit the anglers. If they want to burn the time and fuel travelling to the bay then they can, we want to give anglers every reason to be excited about tournament angling.”


With the average winning bag at local Gold Coast tournaments increasing, there is no inconsistency between the bay and the coast that there used to be.

“You could potentially win that tournament anywhere from the Casino to Mud Island,” Brisbane breamer Tom Slater attested. Slater wasn’t sure about his tournament tactics just yet, which is half the fun of competitive angling.

“I’m not too sure which way I’d travel to be honest, weather is always a factor in the bay and you want it to be as rough as possible without the boundaries restricted. I think I’ll play it by ear and make a decision on the morning of the tournament.”

So do you choose left or right? Let us know by commenting on the event page here!

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