BASS Pro Series Shared Weight | FAQs

With the move this year to a new shared weight format for the BassCat BASS Pro Series, there is some important questions we’re sure you all have. With that in mind, check out some of the frequently asked questions we’ve encountered so far below.

1. What happens if there are uneven boater/non-boater numbers?

The shared weight format requires even number of boaters and non-boaters to work. If we have excess non-boaters they will be given the option to adjust their entry to boaters. Vice-versa, if there are more boaters than non-boaters they will be offered the option to move down the back of the boat and fish as non-boaters for the weekend.
If you plan on entering late, we HIGHLY recommend entering as a guaranteed entry with a pair of anglers. This will ensure you both get a run on the weekend and you also will receive a $50 discount on the boater entry.
We have done this in consultation with BASS Pro anglers to generate a need for anglers to bring new people into the sport, anglers are then rewarded with cheaper entry and increased participation (more prize pool)

2. What happens if the numbers are even at the start of the event and in an emergency an angler is unable to compete?

If under unfortunate circumstances something happens and an angler is unable to continue fishing there are two different scenarios. If the angler unable to compete is a non-boater, the boater will be able to continue fishing and ABT will leave the weigh-in tent open for the entire session and the boater can weigh in twice to complete their 4/4 limit.
If the angler unable to compete is a boater, and his boat remains available for the non-boater, ABT will leave the weigh-in open and allow the non-boater to weight twice to fill his limit. If the boat is unavailable to the non-boater, unfortunately the non-boater will have to forfeit his session. There’s no easy fix for this situation and it is unfortunately one of the only downfalls of this new tournament format.

3. How can I avoid any drama?

Easiest thing to do is enter early with a guaranteed entry of a boater and non-boater together. That way you reap the benefits of securing your place in the tournament as well as a $50 discount on the boater’s entry.

4. How does the weigh-in work

The weigh in is only different on the first day of competition. Anglers will start fishing around 6:30am and from 9:30am-11am ABT staff we will at the weigh in station ready to weight the first limit of 4 bass per boat. You will simply come in to the bank, weigh your fish and head straight back out to continue fishing. It is up to you to decide at what time in that 90 minute period you wish to come in. If you have a good bag you might wish to come back right on 9:30am, if you’re struggling you can leave it until the last minute. If you have no fish at all, you don’t even need to come in!
This adds a whole new level of decision making and tactics into the tournaments, and we’re excited to see how it works.
Boaters and non-boaters will both weigh the same 4/4 fish limit, then weight carries over to the next session.

The first day session will end 8 hours after the session start.


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