Sydney Here We Come- 13 Fishing BREAM Series

Picture 094By Tom Slater

The first round of the 13 Fishing BREAM series kicks off in Sydney Harbour this weekend. Today I’ll be traveling down from Brisbane ready for prefish tomorrow. I’m looking forward to fishing one of Australia’s premier Yellowfin Bream fisheries for the first time since the Grand Final was last held there. It’s a maze for people who haven’t fished there before so I’ll be spending Friday trying to figure it out as best I can with the limited time I have. I’ve picked an ‘area’ that I plan to stick with and dissect rather than wasting time looking for multiple areas.


I’m pretty impressed with the entry list, any field with 50+ boats makes for an interesting tournament. In my opinion, the

bigger the field, the bigger the challenge and that’s ultimately why most people would choose to fish a tournament.

Something I did notice was a lot of names I’m not familiar with on the entry list. This is exciting as new faces are exactlywhat tournament fishing needs. Sometimes people get put off by the big fast boats and sponsored anglers. Big boats and $1000 outfits don’t catch bream, preparation and execution catch bream.

I’m excited to get on the water come Friday and to meet up with guys I only see a few times a year.

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