Bluefin/ePropulsion BASS Electric Series- Toonumbar Results (7/8th May)

05498EE6BB7746EBB46F0A45A5232810Clear skies  greeted 32 anglers for the Toonumbar BASS Electric round.

Reports from the anglers was that the fish decided not to play the game for the tournament and only the small fish came out to play. Most were catching plenty of fish but many under size not stretching to the 30cm mark and even if they did they were lean.

The majority of the fish were caught at the top end of the dam where the creek runs in. As you can see by the results the margin in the weight of the fish was minimal making for a competitive contest all the same!

The three anglers that stood out for the weekend were Charles West in 3rd place. Charles fished at the back of the dam with soft plastics tight to the edges on a 1/12 jighead.

2nd place went to Adrian Wilson (Charles’ fishing partner) fishing the same area- tight to the weed edges using Megabass Baby PopX on a Barrabass custom rod with a Daiwa Certate reel with 6lb Superfive PE braid and Toray superhard 6lb leader. Adrian also took out the BIG Bass with 0.853kg for the event.

The winner overall was Paul McHugh with a total bag of 2.536kg for 4 fish. Paul headed to the main basin where he fished a small bay only to catch undersized fish using beetle spins and blades. At around 4pm he moved to a shaded bank half way back to the boat ramp. He fished an OSP Bent Minnow with heavier gauge hooks so he could fish the lure into deeper water. This allowed the lures to semi suspend and slowly rise back to the surface. Paul cast behind the lily pads and once the fish was hooked he didn’t give it an inch and was able to extract his bag limit.

On session two Sunday morning he continued with the pattern he used in session 1 and had success again using the Bent Minnow technique. His fish came early in the session again within 500m of the boat ramp. He hooked 3 more fish and lost them but happy with his catch he weighed in early.

Paul used an Edge Rods Black Widow rod (SC-LSR703) matched with a Daiwa Steez 2500 spin reel spooled with Sunline Castaway 12lb braid and Toray Superhard 10lb Natural leader. The OSP Bent Minnow was fitted with size6 Owner hooks ST-41.

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the event. It was great weather, great company and as always we look forward to next year.

Adrian Melchior

Place ANGLERS NAME Fish TOTAL WEIGHT kg Prize Big Bass
1 Paul McHugh 4 2.536 Pack + $380
2 Adrian Wilson 4 2.494 Pack+ $240 0.853
3 Charles West 4 2.437 Pack= $160
4 Les Smith 4 2.313 Pack+ $140
5 Nathan Swanson 4 2.09 Pack+ $120
6 Chris Lindsay 4 2.001 Pack+ $100
7 Tom Reynolds 3 1.829 Pack+ $80
8 Prue Urquhart 3 1.595 Pack + $60
9 Steve Mclean 2 1.19
10 Glen Swanson 2 1.032
11 Joey Urquhart 2 1.008
12 JOno Bale 2 0.998
13 Chris osley 2 0.925
14 Andy Gunn 2 0.898
15 Scott Bryant 2 0.89
16 Brett Kleinschmidt 2 0.852
17 Dean Thomson 2 0.819
18 Jack Gold 1 0.554
19 Aiden Kane 1 0.47
20 David Hine 1 0.415
21 Brian Rutledge 1 0.408
22 Anthony Melchior 0 0
22 Rod Shorten 0 0
22 Peter Woods 0 0
22 Pete Bostock 0 0
22 Rebecca Smith 0 0
22 Robert Butler 0 0
22 Tayla Eagan 0 0
22 Brett Gough 0 0
22 Joy Urquhart 0 0
22 Craig Urquhart 0 0
22 Steve Turner 0 0

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