Shimano Round 2 of the Getaway Outdoors WA Kayak Classic Series

The Shimano Round 2 of the Getaway Outdoors WA Kayak Classic Series kicked off from River Resort, located on the Murray River. Winds were predicted to pick up throughout the day, with the possibility of showers later in the day, not deterred though 51 kayaks hit the water for the 7am start. The start location provides access to a bit of everything, two snag lined rivers, canals and some small flats littered throughout both.

Finding his way to the top of the leader board and backing up his form from the Hobie Australian Qualifier on the Blackwood River was Barry Brownrigg weighing in a healthy three bream for 2.120kg, his bag was also anchored with a cracker blue nose that dragged the scales down to 1.070kg and just miss taking the Engel BIG BREAM for the round.

When asked how the day had gone Barry replied “I pre-fished a couple of weeks ago, where I headed upriver and had a great day out on hardbodies, I caught plenty of numbers with some good ones amongst them. So with that, I had the plan to head back to the same area, throw the same lures for hopefully the same results, but as is always the way with fishing I didn’t have a touch after the first hour or so. I then made the change to ZMan grubs in the motor oil colour, and picked up my first keeper not long after”.

“I then dropped another good fish as I was putting him in the live well. So I was a bit disappointed with that, but over the next two hours I managed two more keepers which gave me a bag. I pressed on after that and picked a up few fish in quick succession before it went quiet. I was using Pro Cure scent though and that really seemed to get them interested again when things seemed shut down, I’m not sure what flavour the scent was as I just grabbed one off the shelf and I think that was critical in catching my anchor fish”.

When asked if he had anyone he wanted to thanks, Barry replied “the WAFM guys for organising another successful yak comp, Kate for cooking up a feast of bacon and eggs, Shimano for being the round sponsor, Engel for the BIG Bream bounty, and of course Getaway Outdoors for their involvement and sponsorship of the 2016 series”.

Barry’s weapon of choice for the day was his Gladiator Cyborg 1-3kg rod, this was matched to a Shimano Sustain 1000 reel, which was loaded with 10lb Castaway braid. At the business end was 6lb Sunline VHard leader. Barry also presented his plastics on a 1/28 TT HeadLockz jig.

In second place and regular on the podium was 2015 Kayak Angler of the Year Joseph Gardner, who managed to give Barry a scare weighing in three bream for 1.970kg, when asked if the day had gone to plan Joseph replied “Yeah I was pretty happy with how things ended up. I managed to convince mum that a mother’s day pre-fishing on the Murray would be better than lunch anywhere, so we hit up both the Murray and the Serpentine Rivers, and caught fish in both rivers”.

“I thought the quality was slightly better in the Serp, so my plan was to head there, and hit a few spots that I thought would see less pressure. I picked up one early on in the Murray and he went 32cm, so a reasonable start to the day, especially at 7.40am, but after that I hit a few of the shallower flats for little joy so I kept with my plan of hitting the Serp. It took a while as I didn’t arrive there until 9.44am, so I thought I head up as far as I could and work my way back. I was chucking un- weighted Ecogear Bream Prawns in all the colours, as well as Dragon Maggots in Motor Oil green sparkle on a 1/12th jig head.”

“I picked my next two fish up on the un-weighted bream prawns using 2 or 3 little hops and twitches before cranking it straight back to the boat, I then made a move back down river, but one of those two fish was a nice 38cm so I was really just after another one of those. I was catching plenty of legals throughout the day, maybe 40-50 in the end. At one stage on the way back I found a flat just chockers with fish, and it was a fish a cast, but I only managed the one upgrade from it before time was starting to play a part, and I would have to make the lengthy paddle back to the start.”

“In the end though I’m pretty happy to finish 2nd and earn a spot in the Albany Grand Final”. When asked if he had anyone to thank, Joseph replied “The organisers for another great event, JML Anglers Alliance for helping me out not only this year, but last year as well. Then of course all the anglers and sponsors that make the event possible”.

Joseph used Phenix Maxim, Rovex Airstrike and Daiwa Air Edge rods throughout the day, these were all matched to either a Daiwa Luvias or Daiwa Freams reel. Each reel was loaded with Yamatoyo Jigging Braid PE0.6, whilst at the business end of the deal was Yamatoyo Harris Fighter in 6lb.

In third place weighing in three bream for 1.720kg was Tim Stylinou, when asked how his day went, Tim replied “It went pretty good in the end, I planned to head upriver and try and get away from everyone. I actually think I was furthest up, as I didn’t see anyone else head past me. I didn’t start fishing until about 8.30am and I dropped one early on a hardbody, but I then changed to a Zman grub in the Gudgeon colour”.

“I picked up my first keeper about 9.00am which was followed by a bigger one about 9.30am, he nearly stitched me up and had me worried during the fight as I was only using 4lb leader, but it held well. I was fishing a small flat littered with timber using little hops with plenty of pauses on the retrieve. It was then another 30 minutes before boating my third fish to fill the bag”.

“I would have caught 30 odd fish throughout the day and lot of those were keepers, but none would upgrade my 27cm rat. But in the end I am pretty happy with how the day went, especially seeing my Hurricane team mate Andy Mitchell finished 4th”.

When asked who he wanted to thank, Tim mentioned “the WAFM organisers, Hurricane Lures, the great sponsors that continue their fantastic support the comps, and especially the other competitors for making the effort to get out and get amongst it, and special mention to the new guys for having a go, it is great fun and highly addicitive”.

Tim used his selection of 6ft X760 Duff Rods, all matched to Daiwa Certate 2000 reels. Each reel was matched to Varivas PE 0.4 Light Game braid, and at the business end was 4lb Sunline Shooter Invisible, whilst his jighead of choice were TTs in 1/28th and when the wind picked up he moved to 1/20 and 1/16th.

The ENGEL BIG BREAM for the round went to Didier Blanquart who pinned his PB and beast of a Blue Lip that dragged the scales down to 1.375kg, and absolute cracker of a fish, and one that would be a welcome passenger in any of the other 50 kayaks on the water. Didier caught his fish at about 12.55pm on a Salt n Pepper Noeby plastic, well done!

Also joining Barry, Joseph and Tim in the Grand Final are Andy Mitchell and Graeme Kovacevich, congratulations and we look forward to seeing you all in Albany at the end of the year.

A special thanks goes to all the sponsors for their continued support in 2016, Getaway Outdoors, Engel, Atomic, Shimano, CRC Z Man, Platypus Ecogear, Halco, Grannys Pies and Pasties, JML, Yamatoyo, Tonic, Damiki, Anglers Anonymous, Dragon, Pontoon 21, Recfishwest, Bluewater Tackle World and And probably most important of all, thanks to Kate Sewell for feeding the 51 yakkers bacon and eggs before the start, thank you!!

1 Barry Brownrigg 3 2.120 1.070
2 Joseph Gardner 3 1.970 0.810
3 Tim Stylinou 3 1.720
4 Andy Mitchell 3 1.555 0.755
5 Graeme Kovacevich 3 1.525 0.770
6 Geoff Spadaccini 3 1.495 0.600
7 Alex Greisdorf 3 1.465 0.510
8 Brett Ozanne 3 1.440
9 Didier Blanquart 1 1.375 1.375
10 Hamish McNabb 3 1.360
11 Mirek Soucek 3 1.350 0.720
12 Massimo Salomone 3 1.320
13 Shane Owens 3 1.280 0.625
14 Brad Martin 3 1.165 0.450
15 Stuart May 3 1.120 0.700
16 Jesse Choy 3 1.105
17 Jon Field 2 0.945 0.560
18 Steve Owens 3 0.925
19 Luke Hodge 3 0.895
20 Brad Gange 3 0.855
21 Mitch Jones 2 0.635
22 Steven Morrison 2 0.595
23 Emily McKeig 1 0.395
24 Brad Patman 1 0.385 0.150
25 David Wallace 1 0.320
26 Rob Sgambelluri 1 0.320
27 Robert Peach 1 0.305
28 Domonique Cera 1 0.290
29 Colin Peasey 1 0.280
30 Brett Dowsett 1 0.270
31 Jarrad Stevens 1 0.260
32 Phil Cockshutt 0 0.000
33 Robert Cockshutt 0 0.000
34 Jenny Gardner 0 0.000
35 Keith Andrews 0 0.000
36 Ian Abercrombie 0 0.000
37 Matt Williams 0 0.000
38 Michelle Pardini 0 0.000
39 Sam Zurzolo 0 0.000
40 Sam Slade 0 0.000
41 Darryl Stanton 0 0.000
42 Mark Firth 0 0.000
43 Paul Furlong 0 0.000
44 Shardi Biahgi 0 0.000
45 Adam Smith 0 0.000
46 Paul Bowen 0 0.000
47 Szarn Tink 0 0.000
48 Paul Siemaszko 0 0.000
49 Sam Taylor 0 0.000
50 Mitch Clements 0 0.000
51 Jake Gill 0 0.000
70.000 31.040

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