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Costa TechCosta’s 580 lenses possess some of the most technical light transmission technology in the world. The human eye can distinguish colours from roughly 380-740nm, and Costa’s 580 technology indicates the lens’ ability to filter out the harsh yellow light at a wavelength of 580nm. Costa’s lenses also absorb 100% of the high-energy visible (HEV) blue light, while also absorbing 100% of UV light.

So that’s what they take out, but Costa’s 580 lenses also enhance the colours we rely on to see more in the water. The main blue spectrum is enhanced, the green is enhanced at its peak sensitivity, and the red is also enhanced. Working together this produces one of the clearest and most vibrant lenses in the world, which allows anglers to see more, and ultimately catch more.

Each Costa lens colour is different; they all take the 580 technology and tweak it to get the best performance under given situations. There are lenses with gray bases, and lenses with copper bases. Then there are various mirrors that are used to further differentiate between each lens’ uses on the water and in the field.


Costa’s Blue Mirror encapsulates a grey coloured base lens. It’s perfect for harsh sun conditions as it only transmits 10% of the available light through the lens. Ideal for offshore or beach conditions where glare is maximised.

The Green Mirror is built on a copper base, and enhances visual acuity. It’s perfect for harsh contrast environments of the likes ABT anglers are faced with every day on the water. It also only transmits 10% of the available light, but does so while enhancing the colours more.

The last mirrored lens in the Costa line-up is the Silver Mirror. Again built on the copper base, the Silver Mirror transmits more light (12%) than the previous two lenses and is Costa’s most versatile lens offering. The copper base works to enhance the natural colours, and the silver mirror works to optimize light transmission. Perfect for changing conditions from bright sun to partial cloud.

Costa offer three lenses without mirrors, and these begin with the standard grey 580 lens. It transmits 12% of available light, and the neutral colour maintains natural contrast and saturation through most everyday conditions. It’s the perfect do-everything sunglass lens, perfect for a mix of fishing and everyday life.

The copper lens enhances contrast while cutting glare from the water, perfect for the variable light conditions often encountered in tournament situations. Costa’s copper lens delivers high contrast, making it easier to pick out likely targets for anglers looking to catch more fish. It still transmits the same 12% of available light like the grey coloured lens, but does enhances the colours and contrast.


The final lens in the range is one that is only available in the 580P plastic lens, and offers anglers a new set of eyes for the early morning or late afternoon conditions. Favoured by Costa Pro and ABT BASS Grand Final Champion Peter Phelps, Costa’s Sunrise Lens transmits 27% of available light, brightening up everything in your world. Heightened contrast makes this lens perfect for the low light hours where normally anglers would favour to simply not wear any sunglasses. Phelps says that these lenses have attributed to many captures he simply would have missed if he hadn’t worn sunglasses at all. “There’s definitely been numerous times where I’ve worn the sunrise lens, and I’ve been able to spot a depression, ditch, snag or some form of hidden structure ahead of me that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.” While they aren’t the sort of lens you would wear on a bright sunny day, the Sunrise lens from Costa is like having another type of lure in your box, offering you an option to switch when conditions change.

Costa’s advancements in sunglass technology doesn’t stop with the lenses. All of Costa’s frames are constructed with an environmentally friendly bio-resin. There is over 60 different styles in the Costa range, one to fit every size and shape. There’s also no shortage of colours to choose from when you’ve decided on your chosen frame style. Rapala Australia offer over 250 different combinations of frame and lens. Whether you like small lenses, large lenses, wrap around or a more stylized frame. Costa has something for you.

Costa are a world leader in the outdoor lifestyle optics market. Their world leading 580 technology holds numerous U.S. patents, and their glasses are relied upon by some of the world’s leading guides and professional anglers. Their dedication to the sport of fishing throughout the globe demands respect from anglers worldwide, and the anglers that are using the product are supremely confident in their ability to see more, and catch more.

You can order Costa Del Mar from any Australian store that stocks Rapala products, which is almost every store in the country. For more information on Costa’s range of sunglasses in Australia, you can contact Rapala Australia, the new Australian distributor for Costa Del Mar.

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