Franklins Australia BREAM Australian Open Boundaries and Waterway Information (6-8th March)

Updated 18th April

ABT has created an overlay of the below exclusion zones in Google Maps. They can be found here-



Sydney Harbour

  • Seaward of the Open Water boundary between Cannae Point (North Head) and South Head.
  • Sydney Cove (Circular Quay): access is prohibited to recreational craft.
  • Silverwater Bridge: access is prohibited west of Silverwater Bridge.
  • Any Naval waters: (a 100 metre exclusion zone applies) e.g. Garden Island, Balmoral, Spectacle & the northern end Snapper Islands, Chowder Bay, Waverton . (Cockatoo Island is AOK)
  • Darling Harbour and Cockle Bay: upriver of Darling Harbour Passenger Terminal.
  • Homebush Bay

The following marinas: (Access is not permitted within 30 metres of these marinas)

  • Westport Marina, Cabarita
  • Gladesville Bridge Marina
  • Birkenhead Marina
  • Pulpit Point Marina
  • Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, Kirribilli
  • Rushcutters Bay Marina
  • Royal Motor Yacht Club & Rose Bay Marina
  • Davis Marina, Manly
  • D’alboras, & Clontarf Marinas, The Spit
  • Northbridge Marina
  • Roseville Marina
  • Within 30 metres of the following:
  • Any berthed vessel at White Bay wharfs

Hawkesbury River


    • 6 knots within 30 metres of any moored boat, person or structure. (this has recently been reduced to 6 knots from 10 knots)
    • Parramatta River: a 4-knot speed limit is in place 100metres to the east and west of the cable ferry between Putney Point and Mortlake. This only applies while the ferry is in operation (i.e moving from one side to the other)
    • Be aware of speed limits around bridges (most are sign posted)
    • Other speed limits are signed throughout the tournament arena
    • 15 knots under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is a 15knot transit zone that runs from a line from Millers Point to Blues Point (western side of bridge) through to a line that runs between Bennelong Point to Kirribilli (eastern side of bridge). Stopping or drifting is not permitted in the transit zone.
    • 4 and 8 knot speed zones in Pittwater and Cowan Creek
    • There is a no wash zone underneath the Gladesville Bridge


Below is a list of all the gear you will require to fish the event. Note– For all vessels under 4.8 metres the occupant must wear a PFD type 1, 2, or 3 at all times if they are the lone occupant in the boat a PFD type 1 still has to be worn while the boat is on the plane.

Visit for lifejacket rules and full details on the regulations relating to vessels under 4.8 metres.

    • Anchor and chain/line.
    • Bailer/Bucket (vessels with open bilges) or bilge pump (vessels with closed bilges).
    • Fire bucket.
    • Fire extinguisher (vessels with electric start, electric motors, battery, gas or fuel stoves).
    • Paddle or oars/ rowlocks in vessels under 6m unless a second means of propulsion is fitted.
    • Safety label.
    • Sound signal (air horn/whistle/bell).
    • Waterproof torches (floating).


    • Lifejackets must be suitable for the intended wearer, in good condition, accessible, and inflatable units serviced in accordance with the manufacture’s instructions.
    • Navigation lights must be displayed between sunset and sunrise and during times of restricted visibility.


    • Give way to Rivercats on Parramatta River, and be aware of their presence
    • Rowers on Sydney Harbour
    • Boats not to anchor in shipping channels, near channel marks and fairway buoys (e.g. the main channel between Millers Point and Fort Denison)

 NSW RMS Waterway maps can be found on the link below.