Using the ABT Tournament Series App in Events

ABT runs BARRA events on the ABT Tournament Series App. In 2020, the BREAM Queensland Open and Gladstone BREAM Event are also running on the app.

In both of these species, ABT converts the length of the fish recorded to a weight, using a length/weight curve. The length/weight curves are derived from thousands of survey samples over many years. We understand that condition of the fish may vary across the year, but the curve is the same for everyone who fishes.

To do this, we need make sure that there’s a level playing field for all anglers. This is why anglers are supplied identical brag mats or rulers at the start of the event. It’s also why the fish must be measured in the same way – with the mouth closed and to the fork (bream) or tip (barra) of the tail.


  1. Download the “ABT Tournament Series” app from the Apple App Store or Google Play (andriod phones) and go through the registration process. Anglers who used the Track My Fish app last year, the logins are identical and you can use your TMF login credentials from last year – they transfer over.
  2. Pre event app questions can be directed to Stefan Sawynok on 0409 811 551
  3. You need to make sure that you set-up and “Enter” the event. After your login, the App will show you a screen where you can pic an event to enter. Pick your event and hit enter.
  4. The event will become “Live” at the advertised time.
  5. If you are fishing a BARRA event out of cellphone reception, you’ll need to set the app to “Offline” mode. For all bream events, Online mode is correct.
  6. Lay the fish on the ABT Ruler or supplied brag mat.
  7. Make sure that the mouth of the fish is closed and that the nose is at the end of the measuring device.
  8. Measure the fish in millimetres (mm) to the fork (bream) or tip (barra) of the tail.
  9. Photograph the fish on the device through the app. You take the pic by pressing the big button on the screen at the bottom of the app.
  10. Confirm that the pic is acceptable by pressing the Botton again (this time with a tick inside it).
  11. Add a “Glory Photo” which is a pic of you and the fish. These will be used in the Social Media and catch feeds.
  12. Select the species of bream with the dropdown menu.
  13. Add the length of the fish (in millimetres). For bream, this is rounded up to the nearest 0.5cm. For barra, it’s to be rounded up to the nearest 1cm.
  14. Hit SUBMIT on the bottom of the page. It usually takes a few seconds to upload the images and the data.
  15. When the data is uploaded you will get a notification on the app. Leave your device open until this happens.
  16. You can check your logged captures by hitting the LOG button on the top left corner.
  17. Remember that all captures count in BREAM and BARRA events (no minimum size), so please record all data.





INCORRECT: Mouth of bream open.









CORRECT: Mouth closed.









GLORY SHOT: The more interesting the better!







  • During the event, you can see the results via the ABT Live Button on There are links to live cameras, the ABT App Live Scoreboard, weigh-in results and social media picture feeds.
  • You are allowed to share these links during the event to social media to let friends, fans and family know how you’re doing.