2021 BARRA Team of the Year Rankings

  • The Overall BARRA Team of the Year (TOY) is the most prestigious award a BARRA team can achieve. It rewards the team who are the most consistent throughout the qualifying rounds, with points per round allocated according to placing. The first placed team in each event receives 100 points, and each place below that receives one less point.
  • Teams do not need to catch a fish to receive TOY points, however, they do need to fish both days in an event to score. This rewards teams who have made the effort to attend and fish events to the best of their ability.
  • Teams catching no fish for a tournament will receive 10 TOY points less than the last placed fish catching team.
  • Teams receive one bonus point per fish caught in their limit for each session. Eg.  Catching a full five barra limit in one session results in 5 bonus points, for a two day event this could mean up to 10 bonus points for the team. 
  • A team is the same two anglers fishing each event.  Swapping anglers between events will constitute a new team. 
  • Ties will be settled by countback. The team with the largest and subsequent largest bag will gain the higher place, otherwise the first team to reach their score gains the higher place.
  • At the end of the Rounds, TOY points are tallied and the BARRA Team of the Year is determined. A team’s best five events will count towards their Overall TOY Calculations.
  • The TOY from the previous year gets to start first in the first event of the series.

2021 BARRA Team of the Year Rankings
current as 17 October 2021

RankingTotal PointsTeamOz OpenTinaroo 1Tinaroo 2Teemburra 3Kinchant 4Faust 5Faust 6
1222SC MARINE DOCTOR (Rob Wood / Tommy Wood)117105
2211ANITA BARRA (Liam Robinson / James Wilson)103108
3208VENOM (Troy Dixon / Adam Meredith)10999
4191SMAK WILD (Thomas Herbohn / Brett Turner)9695
5118SCHWERIN CONCRETING (Jake Schwerin / John Schwerin)118
6115DOBYNS RODS (Micheal Slade / Ben Willcox)115
7112TEAM TRACKER (Kris Lassic / Anthony Pelling)112
8107FISHING MONTHLY (Steve Morgan / Joseph Williams)107
9107IMAKATSU (Colin Brett / Quintin Maclean)107
10107RENEGADE (Nathan Hooton / Bryan Pisani)107
11107WARWICK OUTDOOR & SPORTS (James Buchner / Cody Haynes)107
12105T.B.C (Peter Laine / Ben Williams)105
13102FISHING MONTHLY (Steve Morgan / Nicholle Smith)102
14101SWEL OUTDOORS (John Noble / Michael Thompson)101
15100ZEREK / HUMMINBIRD (Lochie Reed / Jamie Ware)100
16100ON THE CAST (Sam Brown / Joe Press)100
17100ABOUT TOWN BAIT & TACKLE (Michael Detenton / Luke Mulcahy)100
1899DUCK NOSE (Daniel Goodhew / Nathan Ruth)99
1997WILSON FISHING (Jeremy Cornelius / Kord Luckus)97
2095MUDDY RUDDERS (Cory Cooch / Justine Nye)95
2192BARRA BANDITS (Moz Khan / Glen Smith)92
2292SNIPER LURES.FISH (Martin Glutz / Rod Howard)92
2391WILSON YOUNG GUNS (Frankie Ferraro / David Hapgood)91
2490TEAM WAGON WHEEL (Gavin Gaw /Chalan Gilley)90
2589PETE & KARIM (Karim De Ridder / Peter Cherritt)89
2687DOBYNS/SUNLINE (Jonno Bale / Travis Payne)87
2777NIKI & PAUL (Paul Phibbs / Niki Phibbs)77
2877SUNLINE (Dan Kaggelis / Warwick Lyndon)77
2977TOLGA TRADERS (Cameron Browning / Liam Sohier)77