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Australian Bass Tournament Presents

Bluefin Boats BASS Electric Series- Clarrie Hall 2nd March

Round three of the 2014 Bluefin BASS electric series was held at Clarrie Hall dam, where Mt warning acts as a great back drop as the anglers head down the dam. 37 Anglers fished with 11 of them backing themselves by optioning up.

 The anglers headed out into what can only be described as perfect conditions for throwing top water lures. One angler that found success with this presentation was Peter Bostock. Bostock mentioned before the start that he was concerned that he had left all his luck in the kayak that he previously fished the events out off and that his new boat may not be lucky. Ultimately he threw that theory out the window by compiling a 2/2 bass limit for 1.56kg and taking out first position, in the process also claiming the event big bass of 830g. Peter headed in the total opposite direction to all the other anglers heading up river were he found he had the dam to himself. With the water being quite clear Bostock used a finesse approach using 3lb Berkley nanofil matched with 6lb leader to trick them into the bite. A Bassday Sugar Pen lure was used to great effect and changing it up to an Atomic crank 38 as the sun rose continued to attract the bites on offer. A Lox 2-5kg rod matched up with a Daiwa Sol was used to deliver the lure to the awaiting bass.

Securing second position was Shaun Falkenhagen who compiled a 2/2 bass limit for 1.52kg. Falkenhagen headed down the dam to a weed edge were he threw a mixture of lures including a silent Jackall  in Brown Dog colour and a Nexgen blade. The technique was to cast in and slow roll out from the weeds after letting the lure sink for 5 seconds. The active bass were smashing the lure  only 2 meters into his retrieve. Shaun revolved between outfits using a Barrabass Crankbait with 10lb sunline braid  and a Barrabass xp841 with 8lb SAS braid. 

A special mention to young Josh Kattau and his dad who drove him all the way up from the Hunter Valley and finished in overall 5th place, as well as Rebecca Smith in her first tournament where she caught her full limit. Well Done great effort.

 A very special mention has to go to Joy from Casino Outdoors for cooking up the sausage sizzle for the guys as well as throwing in a $50 voucher for big bass. Also a big thanks to Baden from Kietech throwing in some product for first place.

Again thanks to anyone that assisted in anyway as it all helps run the day smoothly.

Many Thanks

Joe Urquhart


 Place     Angler                         Bass           Weight        Big bass 

1         Peter Bostock                 2/2               1.56kg         .830kg

2         Shaun Falkenhagen        2/2               1.52kg         .760kg

3         Colin McClymont            2/2               1.51kg         .780kg

4         Andrew Baunach            2/2               1.48kg         

5         Josh Kattau                     2/2               1.47kg         .760kg

6         Stuart France                  2/2               1.45kg  

6         Callum Tewes                2/2                1.45kg

8         Chesley Lennon             2/2                1.44kg

9         Jeremy McConnel          2/2                1.41kg

9         Stephen McLean            2/2                1.41kg         .770

11       Paul Mc Hugh                2/2                1.40kg   

12       Christian Manolea         2/2                1.39kg         .820kg

13       Nathan Swanson            2/2                1.34kg

14       Ricky Simmons               2/2                1.32kg         

14       Nigel Skyring                  2/2                1.32kg

16       Rebecca Smith               2/2                1.27kg

17       Justin Thompson            1/2                .750kg

18       Hans Jensen                   1/2                .710kg

19       Gene Ward                     1/2                .700kg

19       Luke Clarke                    1/2                .700kg

21       Ian Galloway                  1/2                .600kg

22       Aaron Swanson              1/2                 .540kg

23       Adrian Manolea             1/2                 .530kg

24       Paul Phillips                   1/2                 .520kg

25       Bob Hadley                     1/2                .440kg

26       Scott Whitfield               1/2                 .430kg

27       Jonathon Bale                1/2                 .410kg

28       Les Smith                        1/2                .390kg

29        Adrian Wilson               1/2                 .380kg

30       Peter Bryant

30       Baden Sparrow

30       Neil Duncan

30       Trent West

30       Jack Gold

30       Rod Shorten

30       Graham Dodds

30       Mark Pettersen

 Option Up

 1st  Andrew Baunach  $130

2nd Jeremy McConnell $60

3rd Ricky Simmons $30