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Australian Bass Tournament Presents

2014 Bluefin Boats BASS Electric Series- Danjeera Results


Nine angers fronted the first round of the blue fin boats bass electrics round at danjera dam 30 min west of nowra.
the weather report was for rainy patches all weekend they were spot on with that.
all anglers ventured up the back on both days with the reports from the previous pre fish.

Fifth place went to joe pietrszriewicz 3/3 casting atomic paddle tales rigged to 1/4 ounce jig heads fourh place glen hayter 3/3 chose his 3inch minows to the edges 3rd place mick skinner 4/4 opted his home made wire bladed rig on to a jackle tn 60 2nd place andrew low 4/4 got his bag on 3 inch minnows 1/24th jig heads 1st place dave mann 4/4 + big bass got all his fish on the same rig that mick skinner was running all weekend it was un stoppable between us we caught up 70 bass on saturday thanks to all that showed up and to mick and glen for the helping hand.

Cheers Dave Mann.

1st- dave mann 4/4 3.375 big bass 1.200
2nd- andrew low 4/4 2.880
3rd- mick skinner 4/4 2.275
4th- glen hayter 3/4 2.010
5th- joe pietrszriewicz 3/4 1.750
6th- anthony winters 2/4 1.180
7th- brett dinham 2/4 1.075
8th- glen winters 2/4 .995
9th- bob moore 0/0