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Australian Bass Tournament Presents

Fishing Your First BARRA Event

BARRA events are only teams-based series that ABT do. BARRA events are run in both the day and night time and the teams format allows anglers to work together in what can be challenging conditions with big fish.

BARRA events use the ABT Tournament Series app and you catch-photograph-release the fish at the point of capture.

In this way, they’re pretty easy to get involved with. You choose and fish with your own partner. Just make sure that your boat’s bigger than the ABT minimum requirement and that all of the nav lights and safety features work and you’re all ready to go.

There’s very few prefishing regulations for BARRA, which allows you to make the trip to a BARRA event/s and maximise your fishing time.

If it’s your first event, make sure that you note that prefishing isn’t allowed on the day of the event – which means that you have to be off the water by midnight the day before. Also note that you’re not allowed to use old-fashioned knotted landing nets as they’re bad for the fish. Full details in the rules, which you can read here.

Also make sure that you know when and where the briefing is. Sometimes in the 4-consecutive-event BARRA Tour, it’s just before the start and other times it’s at a remote location. Details on

At the briefing, you’ll need to show your Stocked Impoundment Permit for each angler and you’ll need at least one phone that can run the ABT Tournament Series app. Also, make sure that your navigation lights work (red/green/all round white) and your motor kill switch works. You’re not allowed to start if any of the equipment is faulty.

At the briefing, you’ll be informed of any local regulations and you’ll get your folder, ruler and pencils as well as drawing your key tag/start number at the end of the briefing.

You’ll also need a PFD per angler that is to be worn while the boat is planing.

Although the BARRA events are very social and in the afternoon/evening, there’s no alcohol allowed. Save them for after the session finishes and you can have a beer talking about all the barra that jumped off.

With the App, live scoreboards – where available – will be hosted on the ABT website and you can keep up with your progress there – as can all of your friends/family/followers.