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Australian Bass Tournament Presents

Fishing Your First BASS ELECTRIC Event

BASS Electric events are designed to be a cheap and friendly introduction to tournament fishing. They’re conducted out of smaller, electric motor powered boats or kayaks and you can fish alone or with a partner of your choosing.

If you haven’t fished an ABT event before, we allow you to fish your first BASS Electric event without becoming a member. Entry fees for BASS Electric events are $20 per angler. There’s no age restriction on BASS Electric events as long as minors are accompanied by an adult.

BASS Electric events are enter-on-the-day, so you just need to bring your $20 to the sign-on that happens before the competition starts along with your fishing licence (NSW) or Stocked Impoundment Permit (Qld) if you need to to fish.

You will also need to show your PFD at the start and an empty livewell.

BASS Electric livewells need to be at least 60L capacity. This is solely for the welfare of the fish, which need to swim away after the weigh-in.

With a $20 entry fee, there’s no major prizes for BASS Electric events until the end season Grand Final, where there’s often a boat/motor/trailer package for the winner. Qualifying events have badges for the Top 10 and a Trophy and novelty cheque for 1st place.

To qualify for the BASS Electric Grand Final (which has a higher entry fee to help fund the prize) you just need to participate in one of the Qualifying events.

Keep an eye out for the information sheets on for information on upcoming events.

And BASS Electric rules are available here.