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Australian Bass Tournament Presents

Teemburra Dam | Barra Arena

Teemburra Dam has long been a go-to location on the ABT Barra Calendar. There’s a mix of points, open water and timber that’s home to plenty of big barramundi ready to put up a fight.

Teemburra Dam was built in 1997 and is located approximately 60kms west of Mackay. There are no camping or accommodation facilities at the Dam but you will find plenty of pub rooms around the area along with camping facilities at the neighbouring Kinchant Dam.

A Stocked Impoundment Permit (SIPs) is required to fish on Teemburra Dam.

Scroll down to view results and information for ABT BARRA rounds at Teemburra Dam dating back to 2017.

2023 – 23rd November
Winning Bag: 5/5, 54.22kgNo. Teams: 45
Winning Team: Compleat Angler Cairns (Harry Bezuidenhout / Ron Bruggemann)
Total Fish Caught: 126Biggest Barra: 107cm
Avg. Barra Size: 65.4cmDam Level: 93.5%
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2022 – 4th November
Winning Bag: 5/5, 65.01kgNo. Teams: 36
Winning Team: Venom (Troy Dixon / Adam Meredith)
Total Fish Caught: 99Biggest Barra: 112cm
Avg. Barra Size: 86.9cmDam Level: 96.9%
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2021 – 15th November
Winning Bag: 5/5, 64.30kgNo. Teams: 28
Winning Team: Dobyns Rods (Michael Slade / Ben Willcox)
Total Fish Caught: 110Biggest Barra: 117cm
Avg. Barra Size: 79.3cmDam Level: NA
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2020 – 27th November
Winning Bag: 5/5, 75.87kgNo. Teams: 27
Winning Team: BMENQ/Humminbird/Jackall (Dylan Brier Mills / Ben Tunsted)
Total Fish Caught: 95Biggest Barra: 126cm
Avg. Barra Size: 83cmDam Level: NA
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2019 – 9th November
Winning Bag: 2/5, 24.99kgNo. Teams: 23
Winning Team: Barrametrics/Castaic (John Campbell / Brody Eves)
Total Fish Caught: 32Biggest Barra: 116cm
Avg. Barra Size: 77cmDam Level: NA
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2018 – 20th November
Winning Bag: 2/5, 9.03kgNo. Teams: 24
Winning Team: Likely Lads (Geoff Newby / Phill Lyons)
Total Fish Caught: 17Biggest Barra: 83cm
Avg. Barra Size: 63.3cmDam Level: NA
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2017 – 1st November
Winning Bag: 5/5, 45.94kgNo. Teams: 21
Winning Team: Barratrauma (Peter Laine / Zac Hunt)
Total Fish Caught: 87Biggest Barra: 126cm
Avg. Barra Size: 67.7cmDam Level: NA
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Where is Teemburra Dam?