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Track My Fish- Zerek BARRA Tour

Track My Fish on the Zerek BARRA Tour

Heading to the Zerek BARRA Tour then make sure you pack your smart phone because you’re going to need to it.

The Tour this year will see anglers using the Track My Fish app, a smart phone (iPhone and Android) application that allows anglers to capture fish length, images and submit to an online scoreboard.

“We’ve been using the Track My Fish app in selected ABT events for a year now with great success. The app is going to be perfect for the BARRA Tour because it’ll allow us to deliver live score updates (where phone service exists), will make the processing of anglers catches faster, and most excitingly will provide BARRA Tour watchers with the most up to date event information than they’ve ever had before. I’ll be able to sit on my longue at my home in Brisbane and watch the fish come through as anglers are catching them at Kinchant. I think to be able to do that is pretty awesome”, explains ABT’s Simon Goldsmith.

For the anglers fishing the Zerek BARRA Tour the process is very simple all you need is for one member of your team to have a smart phone with the app installed and to be registered for the event.

To download and get started with the Track My Fish click the link-

Once you’ve downloaded the app and have registered for the 1st event you can practice how to use the app via a trail event we’ve created. Click to link to have a go-

“We’ll make sure everyone is ready to use the app at the first at Mackay. Stefan Sawynok from Track My Fish will be at briefing on the Monday night to troubleshoot any problems and make sure we’re all ready to go for the event”, added Simon.

As a back up ABT will also run the traditional pencil and paper recording system parallel with the Track My Fish app. A digital camera will however not be needed as images will be recorded to the team’s smart phone.

There will also be a small tweak to the scoring system and instead of the usual accumulation of centimetres and metres of fish that the BARRA Tour has always run with this year will see the adoption of a length weight curve.

“The length weight curve is more in-line with the real world and what you put in the boat. Five 50cm fish is the same length as two 125cm barra but those big ones will definitely weigh more than those five small ones and as angler are more sought after. Also from a Zerek BARRA Tour marketing point of view being able to pitch to overseas markets such as the US that you can catch as much weight in one session (100lb plus) that they caught in the all-time 4 day B.A.S.S. Elite Series record really puts the impressiveness of our barra fishing in perspective”, explains Simon.

So if you’re fishing the Zerek BARRA Tour here’s your to-do list before the tor kicks off:

  1. Make sure at least one angler in the team has a smart phone for the tour (iPhone or Android)
  2. Download the Track My Fish app to the smart phone
  3. Register for event on Track My Fish
  4. Get catching