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Venom BARRA Australian Open | Event Information

Venom Rods BARRA Australian Open

The Venom Rods BARRA Australian Open expands its footprint in 2021 – two venues across four nights.  This year the Open takes teams to both Lake Awoonga and Lake Monduran for one of the best tests of BARRA fishing skill in the Country.  

This is a 100% payback event. 

With over 700,000 barra stocked in  Lake Awoonga the last couple of years, and with Lake Monduran firing back up there’s plenty of fit, fat and feisty barra in the 70-90cm class that will make the event very fishy and with live scoreboards, very exciting.

Give your family, fans and sponsors great value by being involved in the extensive event coverage. With more ‘daylight’ tournament hours, we will be able to generate excellent highlights. And you’ll only need an action camera to be included.



We caught up with runner-up team SCMarine Doctor for the story of THAT fish that helped narrow down the lead and put the pressure on Schwerin Concreting.

Here's the secrets from the Champion Team - Schwerin Concreting, the official 2021 Venom BARRA Australian Open Champions. 

Session 4

10:30pm - We have our winning team!  With less than 500g between them it was Team Schwerin Concreting that brought it home to be crowned the 2021 Venom BARRA Australian Open Champions.   They finished tonight with a total of 18/20 BARRA for 173kg.   Tommy Wood for SCMarine Doctor caught the dam's Big BARRA which weighed in at 17.12kg (109cm). 


10:00pm - All boats are in and it is coming down to the wire. Team Schwerin Concreting and SCMarine Doctor have grams between them.  Waiting on photos to upload to verify and confirm our 2021 Venom BARRA Australian Open Champion.  Tensions are high! 

8:45pm -
We are headed into the final hour of competition and it is going to be an exciting finish.  Do Schwerin Concreting have a few more fish up their sleeves before the night is over? 

8:20pm -
It’s been nearly an hour since the last catch was logged from Monduran Dam.  SCMarine Doctor still hold the lead.  Schwerin Concreting have logged a second fish but still have 14kg to make up to reclaim their spot at the top of the table. 

6:30pm -
A change at the top of the leaderboard.  SCMarine Doctor have their limit for the session putting them into first place.  An early 17kg fish from the team certainly hasn’t hurt their chance to take home the trophy.  There’s one fish each for team Schwerin Concreting and Tracker rounding out the top three for the final session. 

5:00pm -
A slow start for the session, a few teams with catches trying to come through via the app.  Looks like Schwerin Concreting and SCMarine Doctor both have catches to come through for this afternoon.

2:30pm -
Team Smak Wild are the first team on the scoreboard today.  Phone service is patchy on the lake so we are waiting on the photo to come through to verify their catch.  

2:00pm -
Teams are off for the final session of this marathon week of BARRA fishing.  The Australian Open is a test of skill and four nights across two arenas definitely has put our teams to the test.  We caught up with leader Jake Schwerin for team Schwerin Concreting before the start of today’s session to see how he is feeling going into the final leg.  You can find the quick interview over on our Facebook Page. 


Session 3

10:15pm - All anglers are in and catches have all been checked and verified.   It was a little tougher for anglers tonight with only one limit hitting the scoreboard. Schwerin Concreting have held on to their lead with 14/15 BARRA for 140kg.  There's 20kg between first and fifth which will make for a VERY interesting final night.   Current Big BARRA for Lake Monduran was caught by Glen Smith from team Barra Bandits weighing in at 16.48kg. 

8:15pm -
It seems another bite window has occurred over the last hour with plenty more teams logging fish for the session.  Team Fishing Monthly are the first team on the board tonight with their 5 BARRA limit.

6:30pm -
Some great catches coming through this afternoon.  We are yet to see a team land their limit.  Team Schwerin Concreting are still at the top of the leaderboard with 4 BARRA caught so far this session.  

5:00pm -
Appears to be a little bit of a bite window.  A few teams getting on the scoreboard for session three now. 

2:15pm -
Anita Barra are the first team on the board today with a metery. 

1:45pm - Boats have been checked out and the mid-tournament briefing has been held.  Boats are ready for take off to find some Monduran BARRA.


Session 2 

11:00pm. - Catches all verified.  We have a new event leader - Team Schwerin Concreting (Jake and John Schwerin) have moved to the top of the leaderboard with another epic 55kg bag tonight for a total so far of 111.97kg for 10/10 BARRA.   They are followed by team Dobyns Rods (Mick Slade and Ben Willcox) who also caught their limits both nights for a 10/10 weighing in at 103.38kg.   Mick Slade caught the Big BARRA for Lake Awoonga with a 14.15 (104cm) barra caught late in the session tonight - he scores himself an awesome Venom Rod for the catch.   Anglers will now travel south to Lake Monduran for one night of pre-fish before starting Session 3 of the 2021 Venom BARRA Australian Open at 2pm on Thursday the 16th of September.  Catch you all then! 

10:00pm -
Apologies for the lack of entries tonight.  Poor reception coupled with the really, really slow start to the session is to blame.  All boats off the water.  Time to cross check catches. 

5:20pm -
Super slow start to the session with only three BARRA logged so far for the afternoon: 1 for Team Tracker and 2 for Team Fishing Monthly.  Sunset is not far away…will that change things up? 

1:45pm -
Session two is about to get underway.  All teams are checked out and ready to catch some BARRA!  Tonight is their final night on Lake Awoonga.  The session will run until 10pm tonight. 


10:30pm -
That's a wrap for session one.  Team Venom have taken the early lead with Team Schwerin Concreting not far behind.  With less than 5kg separating 1st to 5th place it is still anyone's to win.   It all kicks off again tomorrow at 2pm on Lake Awoonga. 

9:00pm -
Leader change! Team Venom have rocketed up to the top of the leaderboard with less than an hour left in the session. 

- That BARRA catching grin just can’t be beat - with team Renegade


8:00pm - Team Schwerin C0ncreting have upgraded on their lead with a 5 Barra limit for a little over 54kg. 

6:45pm -
Suns down and a few more catches have been coming through.  Here’s Quintin from team Imakatsu with a catch from a few minutes ago. 

5:00pm -
It’s been a quiet start on the lake this evening.  Some angler pics coming through now.  Check out Mick Thompson from Team Swel Outdoors with one of the first fish caught for the session.  How healthy are the Awoonga Barra?!

3:00pm -
The first BARRA are on the scoreboard. Teams Dobyns/Sunline; Swel Outdoors and Zerek/Humminbird are the first three teams to catch and log a BARRA this afternoon.

2:00pm -
Anglers are away and the 2021 Venom BARRA Australian Open has officially begun.  Who will be first on the scoreboard?

9:00am -
The briefing is underway for the 2021 Venom BARRA Australian Open.  Looking forward to an epic week of BARRA fishing spread across Lake Awoonga and Monduran Dam.   Thanks for hosting our briefing Compleat Angler Gladstone. 

Arena: Lake Awoonga, Gladstone, Queensland; Lake Monduran, Queensland

Date: 13-17 September 2021. Tournament evenings Monday 13th/ Tuesday 14th September on Lake Awoonga; Thursday 16th/Friday 17th on Lake Monduran. 

Event Briefing:
 Compleat Angler Gladstone.  Monday 13th September 9:00am. 

 Fishing sessions from 2pm-10pm each afternoon (may vary an hour each way depending on local conditions.

 Teams will consist of two anglers. Anglers may choose their own teams.

Results Recording:
 Fish will be recorded on the ABT Tournament Series App and submitted live (where phone reception allows). Anglers will reconcile results with a written results sheet.


• Results will be published live immediately after verification to allow friends and fans to follow the action.

• ABT will deploy our recording and live cameras to offer live coverage and post-produced highlights reels per day.

• ABT will produce post-event winners’ interviews.

• FM Magazines will run comprehensive post-event reports in relevant magazines.

 After GST, paybacks will be at 100% of cash taken for entries, in a 1:5 cheque to team ratio. For example, 25 teams would generate 5 cash prize cheques.


Entry list current as at 8 September 2021


Start Team Boater 1 Boater 2
1 Imakatsu Quintin Maclean Colin Brett
2 Renegade Bryan Pisani Nathan Hooton
3 Venom Troy Dixon Adam Meredith
4 Anita Barra Liam Robinson James Wilson
5 SCMarine Doctor Rob Wood Tommy Wood
6 Dobyns Rods Michael Slade Ben Wilcox
7 Smak Wild Brett Turner Thomas Herbohn
8 Schwerin Concreting Jake Schwerin John Schwerin
9 Fishing Monthly Steve Morgan Nicholle Smith
10 Team Tracker Anthony Pelling Kris Lassig
11 Muddy Rudders Cory Gooch Justin Nye
12 Dobyns/Sunline Jonathan Bale Travis Payne
13 Barra Bandits Mustafa Khan Glen Smith
14 Team Wagon Wheel Gavin Gaw Chalan Gilley
15 Warwick Outdoor & Sports Cody Haynes James Buchner
16 Swel Outdoors Michael Thompson John Noble

Team NameAngler 1Angler 2FishWeight (Kg)Biggest BreamRookie
JohnJohn Siggs53.620.82
NuLook floorsJamie MckeownSteve Nicholls53.570.74
Pontoon 21Denis MetzdorfKhoi Phan53.531.04
NeckemallAndrew BuhagiarAlex Baffod52.730.68Yes
Russ & WhipsBrandon GouldingDarren Russel52.70Yes
RangerStuart Robinson52.64
Too EarlyCharlie Saykao52.28
T1T2Tim GeideNatasha Nielson52.23Yes
BonzoGary MiddletonRos Middleton52.11
Simrad/BurkleyStephen Wilson52.05
IntaflowMark Saric41.95
Sunstate HobieScott SandilandStephen Maas41.80
Nathan PalmerJordan Schulz41.52
15 HorsesEthan MckeownTrent West41.49Yes